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Helpful Information in Time of Grief
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Funeral Options

Family members may wish to view the body of their loved one. This can be done in a private or public visitation. Viewing can be a healthy step toward the resolution of grief. It can be helpful in accepting the fact that death has occurred, especially to the immediate family. Each family member's viewpoint on visitation or viewing may be different. Leaving the option of visitation open to an individual's own emotional needs is in most cases the most favorable response to viewing the deceased. Prior to or shortly after death some people may be adamant that they do not wish to view the deceased, then change their mind a short time later. By presenting the option of visitation, all family member's individual emotional needs can be met

Preparation for Viewing
Specialized and Sanitary Care, prepare the body for viewing including dressing and cosmetizing of the deceased .

Under provincial regulation, embalming can only be performed if by written acknowledgement on the funeral services contract. It is not always necessary in relation to viewing.

Embalming is a surgical technique used to disinfect, preserve and restore the human body to an acceptable physical appearance. The foremost reason for embalming is the protection of public health. Contrary to the old belief that "the germ dies with the host", human remains begin to decompose almost immediately, therefore offering an ideal environment for microbial growth. Untreated remains can pose serious public health concerns. Additionally, embalming restores the body to an acceptable physical appearance. Restoration is not intended to make the deceased look like the person did during life but rather to enhance the appearance of the deceased and allow for viewing. Many experts on bereavement agree that viewing the deceased confirms the reality of death and helps survivors take an important step toward recovering from their loss.  Please note that embalming may be required if the deceased is being transported by air to another country where local laws need be observed.

An autopsy (or post mortem examination) is the medical examination of the body after death has occurred. The autopsy can be ordered by the Coroner if required to investigate the death to determine: the cause of death; the manner of death; to continue the clinical study of the case; investigate problems of physical, chemical, bacteriological, pathological and anatomical conditions. The Coroner has the authority to order an autopsy without the consent of the next of kin. There are times when the attending physician or the family members themselves may request an autopsy, however, an autopsy is not necessarily required.

Do I have to use a funeral home?
There is no law that states that you must use a funeral home. There is however, so many details that need to be looked after that in most cases a trained professional is the best person to handle the matter. Most people are not equipped to handle the storage or transportation of the deceased from the place of death; obtaining the necessary permits; etc.

Medical certification of death
At the time of death the attending physician or coroner will sign a medical certification of death form (this is not the same as a death certificate). In most cases the funeral director will obtain this document which is required to register the death. The registration of death form is filled out by the funeral director.

The funeral director will ask you information that is required to complete the form such as: residency information, marital status, personal health care number, occupation, birth date and birth place, father and mother's names and birthplace.

Both forms are filed at the Division of Vital Statistics. A permit for disposition (burial or cremation) is then issued to the funeral director. You may wish at this time to bring clothing for the deceased to the funeral home

Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services began in Western Canada in 1992 as Personal Alternative Funeral Services, with the goal of providing consumers with a comfortable, affordable and common-sense alternative to the escalating costs found in many funeral homes. Clearly our approach was welcomed as we have become the largest independently owned funeral home in Western Canada. From the one location in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, the company has grown to serve over 1,400 families every year.

That you can honor a loved one through the
Civic Pride "Adopt a Bench" & "Adopt a Tree" programs.
For information contact the City of Prince George at 561-7600

Memorial Park Cemetery 

The Memorial Park Cemetery is situated on 50 pristine hectares in the heart of Prince George. Current interment options include traditional burials for both full casket and cremated remains, We operate our mausoleum where the options of crypt for casket interment or a niche for cremains are available. Future burial options will include outdoor columbaria, ossuary and scattering gardens, a cremated remains only section, as well as an environmentally conscious green burial section. The City of Prince George operates the Memorial Park Cemetery located at 3300 Memorial Park Lane east of Highway 16 at Ferry Ave.

Prince George - Cemetery Price List

Funeral Guidelines

In the many years I have done crisis intervention work it has been my experience that the cost of the Funeral was the most often asked question when a family was dealing with the loss of a loved one. It is also the time when the family has the least coping mechanism in trying to deal with this major crisis in their lives.

It is my hope to help explain to you the various options you have in making funeral arrangements and maintain a full level of dignity that a family deserves.

These options are by no means to minimize the excellent services and information that is provided by your local funeral homes and its directors. They must also be seen in the light of your Provincial and local Municipal regulations.

It will happen! Why not be prepared in making the end of life arrangements.

Planning your funeral is a way to say, “Farewell”.

It could be your most memorable gift to those you love.

The celebration of your life does not have to cost thousands of dollars.

The Memorial Society of BC has already negotiated lower costs for you!

That’s savings of up to 40% on cremation and services.

We’re here to assist you and your family before, during, and after.

We provide information, offer guidance, and even negotiate on your behalf.

Families need to say farewell and have that all important closure.

We help minimize your stress when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

All with just a simple call to 1-888-816-5902
Please check out full website for much more information Memorial Society BC
Memorial Society BC

What To Do at Time of Death
When a loved one passes, most people are overwhelmed and uncertain as to how to proceed. What has to be done? Immediately? Later?

The first need is to take care of the body of the deceased person. MSBC and its Funeral Providers will help you with this seemingly difficult task. We recommend that you proceed as follows:

Contact MSBC at 1-888-816-5902 and provide the name of the deceased. Ask if an arrangement form is on file and is there a pre-paid plan. (this should be written on the arrangement form)

MSBC will provide you with the phone number of the nearest Funeral Provider and the current member cost for basic services.

Contact the Funeral Provider. Identify the deceased and state that he or she is a member of the Society. Describe your wishes and confirm the cost.

The Funeral Provider will ask where the deceased can be picked up for transport and will advise you of the next steps.

MSBC will contact the Funeral Provider and confirm that the deceased is a Society member, thereby assuring the low member cost for the services to be provided.
Please Click on Memorial Society BC for more detailed inflormation

Funeral Service Association of BC

Government of B.C.
BC Government Directory regarding Funerals

Ministry Assistance with Funeral Costs

Prince George Hospice Society


Sympathy Message Ideas & Quotes

Sympathy message ideasWriting a sympathy message can be very difficult because many of us are afraid of saying the wrong thing. The truth is that a personal note letting someone know you care will mean a lot, even if you're not quite sure what to say. Just keep in mind:
It is always a good idea to share a memory of the deceased if you knew them personally.
Be careful about saying things like "I know how you feel" or "It was for the best."
If you offer help, be specific about what you can do, like bringing food or running errands.
Comfort the hearts of the grieving by dedicating a tree that lives on forever.
Sending this personalized and thoughtful gift along with your sympathy message is a meaningful way to show you care. Unlike sympathy flowers that die in about a week, a memorial tree grows and thrives in the name of the deceased- a tree planted in someone's memory is a living tribute. Our memorial tree dedications allow families to see tree photos and locations, and are less expensive than flowers with prices ranging from $15-$75. And, we make it easy to add your chosen condolences messages or sympathy quotes to the gift. Check out our options by visiting
Trees for a Change website

What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Welcome to Sympathy Message If you’re having difficulty finding the words for a heartfelt or meaningful message to write in your sympathy card then you’ve come to the right place

Monuments - Cemetery Markers - Caskets

There are many casket options - each is very individual for grieving families, please look at the various options carefully and talk it over with your extended family.
Funeral homes can direct you to the different caskets available for you to make the appropriate selection.

Private Businesses:   Cemetery Markers & Gravestones
Northern Momumentals - Cremation Urns
Please note that by law all Funeral homes must accept a privately built or purchased Casket.
Some Funeral Homes charge a handling fee.

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