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Cyberbullying Facts, Statistics and Prevention
Preventing or Stopping Cyberbullying According To
Kids growing up now are living different lives than their parents. The Internet and social media have created an entirely different environment and new ways to socialize and connect with others. Modern children spend a lot of time online playing games, emailing, and chatting with friends. Most of this technology is not a bad thing, but out of it has come something dark, cyberbullying.

What Is Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is the same abusive behavior as regular bullying, but it takes place online, in social media and through texts and emails to kids cell phones. It is pervasive and rampant among young people today. Some examples of cyberbullying are:

Sending mean or threatening emails or texts to someone.
Rating people on a scale from ugly to good looking and posting it online.
Posting unwanted pictures or information about someone online for others to see.
Excluding someone from your online group.
Sending personal information to others that someone trusted you with.
Hacking someone’s social media or email account and posting embarrassing things for others to see and make fun of about you.
This behavior is not only hurtful and damaging it is a leading cause of teen suicide. Although both girls and boys participate in cyberbullying, they do so in different ways. Girls use gossip and spread rumors where boys tend to threaten.

The adverse effects of cyberbullying may include poor grades, decreased social interaction or depression, low self-esteem and even dangerous behaviors such as cutting or suicide attempts.
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What Is Cyberbullying
Frequency of Cyberbullying
What to Do if Your Teen is Bullied
Community Action
Cyberbullying Stories
Ryan Halligan
Jessica Logan
Kenneth Weishuhn Jr.
Phoebe Prince
Preventing or Stopping Cyberbullying According To



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