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The resulting injuries from self-harm can range from mild to major, but even “mild” cases of self-harm can result in infections or further damage to the person later on. Self-harm is not the same thing as a suicide attempt, but as a suicide attempt, it can be symptoms of a deeper issue, such as severe anxiety or depression. Self-Harm can present in people of all ages, but it tends to begin during the teenage years, or in young adulthood. If you or someone you care about are self-harming, there are resources to help, and relief can be had.
How Do People Self-Harm?
There are many methods people use to self-harm themselves. Some of those methods are:

Cutting themselves with knives or other sharp objects
Punching walls and other hard surfaces, or punching themselves
Burning themselves with matches, cigarettes, or a hot stovetop
Pulling out their hair
Poking objects into body openings

People who self-harm are feeling emotional pain that they don’t have the tools or experience to deal with. Self-harm is a way of soothing those feelings. The sensation of physical pain can actually be a relief or distraction from emotions that are too overwhelming or difficult to face. Some people who self-harm report feeling numb or empty inside, and inflicting physical pain on themselves is a way to at least feel something.
Table of Contents
How Do People Self-Harm?
Signs and Symptoms of Self-Harm
Signs and Symptoms of Self-Harm
Self-Harm and Mental Disorders
Self-Harm and Suicide
How to Stop Self-Harming
Treatment for Self-Harming


Are you concerned that a friend or family member may be cutting or engaging in self-harm? Or have you done so? Understanding the signs and causes of self-harm can help you step in and take action.
When you’re able to make an informed assessment, you can find the right treatment. It’s critical to stop self-harm before it escalates to a severe level. Keep reading to learn about the signs, causes, and treatments associated with self-harm.

Table of Contents
What Is Self-Harm?
Reasons For Self-Harm
Risk Factors
Signs of Self-Harm
Other Implications That Something Is Wrong
Dangers of Self-Harm
Related Mental Health Problems
Finding Healthier Alternatives
Treatment Processes
Understanding How to Approach Self-Harm




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