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He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done Proverbs 19:17
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Some of the poems you read here come from my experience as a victim crisis intervention worker and contain in some cases graphic description of the pain I felt dealing with many different families. Nothing in these poems identify any particular person. My sole purpose is to allow you to feel some of the pain that happened in my community as I am sure it does in yours. It is my prayer that some of what I say touches you, so that you in turn would be motivated to touch someone today who in an urgent way could use your help. GO GIVE YOURSELF AWAY!

From Despair to Hope
One day when driving to work I kept telling myself that God is in control but I didn't feel he was doing a good job of taking charge of things. I passed going to the office and drove down the Pulp Mill road when the sun and the mist rose over the river, I took this picture. It was like God saying if I am in charge of this - give it up and let me handle it. A very hard but penetrating message. t.r. As I was preparing this page to share with you, I somehow clicked on my picture and it turned into a frightening scene, a deep black hole. I won't begin to tell you why this happened but it is a very fitting description of my introduction page
Journey of Hope

I called it "From Despair to Hope" "Despair Is The Negative Of Hope"


I am in Charge

From Despair to Hope                                

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