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Family Justice

Family Justice

Ministry of Justice

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The mission of the Ministry of Justice is to administer justice, deliver public safety services and programs, lead emergency management and provide legal advice to Government. Read more... (PDF)

Featured Topics

  • About B.C.'s Justice System
    Our justice system helps to keep communities safe and provide certainty, proportionality and, above all, fairness when dealing with criminal, civil and family law matters.
  • Crime Victims
    Help is available if you have been impacted by crime or violence.
  • Criminal Justice
    The criminal justice system is a foundation of Canadian society. It plays an important part in creating a just, peaceful and safe society.
  • Criminal Record Checks (for those working with children & vulnerable adults)
    Under the Criminal Records Review Act, individuals working with children or vulnerable adults and have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults must authorize a Criminal Record Check for their employer or authorized organization.
  • Family Justice Counselling
    Family justice counsellors are specially trained to help families resolve their issues about guardianship, parenting arrangements, contact and support.
  • Human Trafficking
    This website provides links to Human Trafficking resources for Victim Service providers and other front line workers.
  • Law, Crime & Justice
  • Find information on British Columbia's legal system, assistance programs and services, family justice help and resolving disputes outside of courts.
  • Policing in B.C.
    With diverse communities with their own needs for policing the province receives police services from multiple areas, including: RCMP federal, provincial and municipal forces, and a First Nations administered police force.
  • Protection Orders
    The Protection Order Registry is a confidential database containing all civil and criminal protection orders issued in British Columbia.
  • Public Safety & Emergency Services
    Find information on British Columbia's emergency service preparedness, response and recovery, public safety, crime prevention and wildfire services.



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